A renaissance woman of the arts.

Silvia, also known as VIA™, is a renaissance woman of the arts. Besides her artistic talents, she has modeled her whole life and appeared in music videos as well as independent films. She has interviewed many celebrities such as Slim, the Grammy award winner from the R&B group 112, the former New England Patriot and now ESPN analyst, Teddy Brushci and many other professional athletes.

Currently, VIA owns Una-Via, LLC, your one-stop-shop for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and special events. She is an accomplished special events coordinator. Her company can do anything from fund-raising, corporate events, red carpet events, weddings and birthdays. Some of her clients include Barack Obama, U.S. President, Antoine Walker, former Celtic & All Star, Deion Branch, former New England Patriot , Patrick Pass, former New England Patriot, Joe Cimino, former owner of Daisy Buchanan’s, number one well-known bar in Boston, Dimitri Imbango, New England Revolution Men’s Soccer Team, TNT’s Boston Finest T.V. show with all cast members.

www.una-via.com and www.facebook.com/unaviacertifiedlifestyle

VIA was also the Founder/President of One Way Treatment Inc, a 501C3 non-profit committed to prevent and educate against domestic violence and any form of abuse against young girls and women. She is a survivor of domestic violence and for five years from 2010 to 2015 she raised awareness and funds to help many women in shelters across New England. She has appeared in Urban Update, a local ABC Boston channel, and Global Grinda, an online news company owned by Russell Simmons who is a Forbes-listed pioneer of the music industry. VIA has been interviewed by many TV networks and has been a guest speaker at many colleges. After five years, she decided she no longer wanted to make domestic violence her career. She was missing something in her soul and wanted to get back to her first love – creating anything in the arts. To learn more about VIA’s philanthropist work in One Way Treatment please google One Way Treatment or visit the facebook link www.facebook.com/OneWayTreatment





In 2014, VIA finally accumulated all her years of poetry, fashion designs and drawings to create VIASWORLD. Her artistic journey started with poetry. She was published at the age of 15 in a New York Times best selling book about adoption by Dr. Joyce Pavo. VIA was named top three best poets in the state of Massachusetts in high school, winning one of the Jack Kerouac best poet awards. As a musician, she has recorded over 30 songs and is a ghost writer for other artists. She sings, raps, plays the guitar and the piano. In high school, she won the best dressed award and her love for fashion has continued to evolve Into fashion design. She consulted for many brands before starting her own. Current brands she owns are MOM™ (Money Over Men) and VIA (Very Important Artist) (Very Independent Artist).

VIA evolved from sketching and pastels to painting on clothes and canvas. She is a self-taught painter and her entry into painting started with Little Wayne’s drummer, YAYO (winner of an American Music Award, ten BET awards and five Grammy awards). In the summer of 2017, YAYO reached out to VIA and asked if she could make a custom vest for his performance at Jamn 94.5 Summer Jam. She had never painted on a jacket, but took the opportunity. He wore his VIA™ custom white vest in her home town in front of thousands while he preformed on stage. From there she thought, if I can paint on jackets, I can paint on canvas. A year later she got her own studio in Lynn, MA and then had her first gallery viewing and fashion show in July, 2018.

Last but not least, VIA is a self-taught chef. Please look out for VIASKITCHEN on her VIALIFESTYLE blog for great food and unique conversations.

VIASWORLD (www.viasworld.com), is a website community for artists to showcase their work (VIA’s art is also on display). For more information contact: info@viasworld.com

VIA wants you to know that all of you are V.I.A (VERY IMPORTANT & INDEPENDENT ARTIST) – your life, feelings, thoughts, dreams and creativity matter. Thank you for visiting VIAS WORLD, we urge all of you to keep creating. “An artist makes the world a more beautiful place to live in, for without art we would live in a very boring world.” -VIA