Radio Interview at Performer Studio

Posted on by Silvia Leary

Radio Interview at Performer Studio

Being from Guatemala means the world to me . I can not emphasize how important my culture is for me . My Mayan Indian roots , is what gave me this artistic DNA. In my country everyone is a artist. It’s as tho Guatemala is the birth for artists. From pottery, Wood carving, Sculpting, Painting, Mayan Indian woven tapestry, Sewing , Chefs, Architects, musicians , ect.. I mean the amount of talent in my country is endless . It’s as tho Guatemala is this vortex of art.

I am just honored God, My ancestors, the Universe blessed me with the gift of vision, creativity & art . It is my duty to be the best servant I can be and share the gifts that were giving to me , that God said to me . You need to share , especially in America.

I hope you enjoy , got to know a bit more me as a fashion designer .
Love, light, grace & gratitude
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