The Entrepreneur With the Artist’s Mindset

Posted on by Silvia Leary

The Entrepreneur With the Artist’s Mindset




Ambitious, bold, and hard-working 24/7, Silvia aka VIA™️ is a one-woman powerhouse in the world of interior design, art, fashion, poetry, music, marketing, branding, and special events.

She often combines several of those elements together in the work she does for her clients, who have included professional athletes, boutique hotels, former presidents, sports teams, musicians, and more.

VIA says her lack of fear is one of the most essential elements of her success. It brought her from an unconventional upbringing to the worlds she navigates today with ease. At the same time, she’s never been able to ask questions… and seek out help from mentors.

We talk about her whirlwind entrepreneurial journey, including…

  • The biggest influences and experiences in her early life that shaped her career
  • Why she doesn’t dwell on the past and what she focuses on instead
  • How to combine a business mindset with artistic vision
  • The business ventures she has in the works right now – and how she’ll get them off the ground
  • And more