VIA presents from her Conversation Series: The Global Standards of Beauty

Posted on by Silvia Leary

VIA presents from her Conversation Series: The Global Standards of Beauty

This series has taking VIA, one year to create. She has painted women from all over the world in their natural habitat. Western Magazines & Media dictate globally what the definition of beauty is. Currently the skin lightening business is booming. Analysts say by the year of 2020 it will be worth 22 billion dollars. VIA was very alarmed by these stats. Born in Guatemala, a Mayan Indian , who tend to be much darker than the Guatemalans who are Spanish and mixed with Germans and other European countries. The darker and more indigenous you are in any culture seems to be the same globally. Light skin is honored and the more European features you have the better society treats you. VIA also has a 19 year old daughter who is half Liberian. She has always taught her daughter to love her skin, her curls and to embrace both her Mayan roots and Liberian roots.

VIA, also studied aesthetics and learned about the skin. She was inspired by a video she had to watch in class to understand skin globally and what is considered beautiful in their cultures. This Conversation Series has been a thought VIA has had since that video in 2010.

The Global Standards Of Beauty has women with face tattoos, body and face modifications, tribal marks, textiles, beads, and jewelry from their culture and tribe. Each Queen or Princess she painted all represent their tribe and all have a story to tell. This series is to educate those who are not familiar with native, culture clothes, jewelry, and style. VIA , being the fashion designer she is these paintings are mixed mediums. With hand sewn textiles from their culture, hand stitched beading. All of VIA’s paintings are 3 dimensional art. She encourages you to touch her paintings.

Each one of the women she painted will all start at $5,000 each. VIA, understands not everyone can afford her paintings so thee will be a coffee book. VIA Presents The Conversation Series

The Global Standards Of Beauty. Each print will have a description of the mediums she used, the tribe they are from and what the meaning of their face paint, face tattooing, piercings, clothing, and jewelry means in their culture. This will b e a must have Coffee book.