Meet Silvia Via of VIA's World

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Meet Silvia Via of VIA's World

Today we’d like to introduce you to Silvia Via.

Silvia , can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I have always been an artist, I never went to college to study art. I honestly believe a true artist is born with the gift of art. You can learn anything but a true artist is born. I come from a culture a civilization known as The Mayan Indians. I was born in Guatemala where the Mayan Inian women weave tapestry, cook tortillas, and the men worked with their hands. Guatemala is bright, vibrant, rich with colors, textures and smells. Everything about the culture and country exudes and embodies art.

I was giving up by my biological mother, in the orphanage, I couldn’t speak Spanish but I could always draw. When my adopted parents would write me letters and send me photos I would draw the photos they sent. God knows what the orphanage would write back, I couldnt read or write Spanish I could just draw. I came to America at age 7, hip-hop has had a huge impact on the artist I am today. I learned to speak English from hip hop.

Once I learned to read and write in English my 1st artistic accomplishments before my painting or fashion was the publications of my poetry. I was published in the local newspaper at 15, and was published at 16 in a book about adoption by Dr. Joyce Paco that was a NY time best seller. To me, poetry, painting, music, fashion, cooking they all feed off one another and are one in the same for me.

In H.S I was kicked out of a few schools I was frustrated I couldn’t learn like the other kids, I would get teased for my lack of correct spelling. Till this day I am not the best speller. I was that kid always sketching looking out the window in la la land.

I had my daughter young right after H.S but still managed to get an athletic soccer scholarship. My daughter and I lived in Curwin Circle, Lynn Mass. One of the worst projects in Lynn. Not so much violence but dirty and poor. We lived off EBT, WIC & my pell grant money from college.

I didn’t own a TV and my neighbor, Jessica & dear friend would come over and we would talk about one day I would have my own clothing brand and be in galleries for my art. Being a single mom my art was pushed to the side a lot. Mostly for the first 12 years of my daughter’s life, I created more music & poetry. I almost had a few music deals, but it required me to leave my daughter for months on in. I chose not to really pursue the music for a while. Instead I focused on entrepreneurship. I started my first company at 24 & have never looked back Since. I have been an entrepreneur since then.

I currently am a consultant, I specialize in special events, branding and marketing. In the art, fashion, lifestyle industry. My clients include professional athletes, models, musicians, resteraunt owners, spa & beauty salons, boutiques & some political figures currently & my most well known past client when I worked for my entire was Barack Obama when he was running for Senator in Chicago before his presidency.

In 2010 I found a non-profit I created and called it One-way Treatment INC. A non profit to educate, up lift the self-esteem of young girls and women. To help educate about Domestic violence & help them transition back to society. I ran a huge red carpet event for it every year until 2015. I had come to a crossroad in my life. My non profit was going so well I could of continued to stay in the non profit world and start paying myself a decent salary or I needed to dissolve it. Instead I chose my true passion, my art & brand.

I had already made my decision in 2014 to start VIASWORLD. So many years I had to become the provider for my daughter I really couldn’t focus on my fashion and art. In 2015 I decided to go 100% with VIASWORLD and stop fundraising for One Way Treatment Inc. After all fashion, art, creating was always my passion.

In 2017 I got an inbox from Lil Wayne drummer on Instagram asking me to make him a custom jean jacket for Jamn 94.5 summer jam. I had never painted on a jacket, but of course I said yes! I started researching how to paint on jackets and what paints time buy on YouTube university. Lol

After successfully painting a woman with the drumset around her breasts and covering her private area. He wore it for Summer Jam. My 1st jacket and it also glowed in the dark. After that, I said okay if I can paint in fabric I can paint on canvas. I could always draw, sketch fashion designs, so I decided to buy canvases and started painting.

A year later to 2018 in Lynn Mass the same city I went to H.S in and lived in its projects. I held 1st VIASWORLD fundraise Red Carpet event. In the Lynn Arts building where my studio is. Not only to showcase my paintings & fashion but to be able to take my success as a business woman & raise money to give back to my community, The Lynn Arts building that is a branch from the historic Lynn museum.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Being an artist for me was very hard. Not only could I not speak English, but I was never the kid that fit in. I would purposely wear different miss match socks, cut my clothes wear a different pair of sneakers together not to try to be diffrent it just is who I am. I still wear mismatch socks till this day. I always say ” I have a pair at home just like these” I don’t know how many times I have been called weird in my life, will am weird & still called weird.

I often felt alone because what was amusing & interesting to most kids when I was young was not of any interest to me.

Telling your parents and people you want to be an artist when you grow up or a musician & fashion designer they all try to discourage you. It definitely is not easy. I can honestly say though I love the chase the dream. I love creating something from my soul, my vision into a beautiful reality people can buy and enjoy a piece of my soul.

The biggest struggle for any creator is capital. I have spent thousands upon thousands on my own content and brand. From recording in studios, paying graphic designers, making a portfolio, printing samples, art supplies I mean the list goes on. You can’t want to be an artist expecting to be rich. You really have to do it because you love it. With love, passion and purpose the money will follow.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about VIASWORLD – what should we know?
Fashion • Art • Music • Lifestyle

A lifestyle brand for those who are artists & love the arts. I specialize in custom, unique conversational pieces. From the vibrant colors to the fabrics & paintings. The main things I am known for are my custom hand painted jackets, paintings, and poetry.

What sets me apart from other artists I have been noticing is so many artists who are so talented lack content or are not digging deep into their soul. God if I see one more Biggie, Prince, Beyonce painting I’m gonna puke.

I only paint things that inspire me, celebrities don’t inspire me, life experiences, the people in my life and all I have been through is what you will see in my art and fashion.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I wouldn’t be where I am today without mentors in my life. Of course, I have to thank my adopted parents. It took them a while to understand me but they helped me raise my daughter and allowed me to be the free spirit I am.

Of course, my daughter is not only my daily inspiration as an artist, mother but is my Muse. She is the most beautiful art I could ever create.

Another mentor of mine is Dr. Alexander Tennant. His company was the first internship I did and I wouldn’t be the business women I am today without his knowledge. Having a mentor who has a Ph.D. from Harvard is priceless.

I want to thank my lawyers Brian Price, from Harvard and Chris Brown who are my intellectual property & entertainment lawyers. My H.S teachers from Lynn Classical who pushed me to be a poet and artist. Who never made me feel less than for my learning disabilities but instead saw my strengths and help ignore my artistic fire.

Definitely being a college athlete helped me. I work out daily and no longer compete in sports but I compete against myself every day to become better. I want to thank my close friends who always kept it real with me checked me on my bullshit. Not only call mr out but they believed & support my dreams.

I want to thank the city of Lynn for the grind the struggle I had to go through. I want to Thank the Lynn Arts building where my studio is and partnering up with me for my event I had this past July 13, 2108. I want to thank all the bad relationships, heartbreaks. All those who ever doubted me and who broke my heart. The sadness, hurt and pain have helped me create Beautiful poetry and beautiful paintings.

My current business mentor and friend Mohammad who believes in me and is helping me take VIASWORLD to the next level My longtime graphic designer, T, who has put up with all my crazy ideas and has built all my websites for all my companies I have started. All of my past assistant, my videographers & photographers. Most of all want to thank the school of life. It’s a blessing to wake you every day and create who you want to be and most of all create & build your own company and brand.

• Jackets start at $1,000+
• Paintings start at $3,000+
• Custom Socks $30.00

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• Phone: 508-6857664
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• Facebook: VIASWORLD
• Other: @silviavia personal insta

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