VIA's World at 2018 Miami Art Basel

Posted on by Silvia Leary

VIA's World at 2018 Miami Art Basel

For so many years since 2014 I have been attending Art Basel as a spectator wishing one day I could have the opportunity to show my work for Art Basel.

See what happens when you put something in your mind and you speak it to existence , but with speaking it you are also taking action towards it the universe creates magic for you. Think about your thoughts and actions and how they move as one. When your thoughts and actions are on the same wave you can move mountains.

Its called universal law, the law of attraction. For instance your lonely, you sign up for dating apps, you speak a partner into existence. After a while of so many dates your bound to find a partner. Unless your just bat shit crazy lol I can’t help with that. My point is I have been preparing my mind, my body & soul for this very moment for years. I have thought about how am I gonna do it & when will it be my turn to do it?

When you want something bad enough you most likely will get it. This message isn’t just about me going to art basel and how excited I am. The main point is you can do anything you want in this world. You may fail a few times & it may not be the right time , but if you really want it , failure won’t stop you.

My whole life since I can remember I’ve been an artist. Before I could read and write I could draw. Between being bullied for being so called weird & becoming a single mom at a young age. I had to suppress my art. I had to learn to become a business woman. To be a single mother in the crude world I thank the Curwin Circle projecta my daughter & I lived in for me becoming the savage business woman I have become. You can’t be an artist , living on welfare, going to college full time , playing soccer for your college, and raising a daughter all at the same time.

For years I had to put my dreams and ambitions aside to raise my daughter. When she turned 16 & went to boarding school that’s when it all changed & the universe started to shift for me. I still was the basketball mom , driving all over New England to watch my daughter play basketball, but I no longer had to pick her up , drop her off here there and everywhere.

In 2017 my birthday present to myself was I got myself my own art studio in downtown Lynn, a city that help mold & shape me in so many ways.In one year I have sold 2 of my paintings 1 for 5k another for 3k. I sold 10 of my customer design jackets starting at $500 up. I had my first fashion show/Gallery viewing event . Where I was able to raise money for my building, that happens to be a non profit. I charged $50 VIP & $25 regular admission. VIP came with a pair of my custom design socks & a copy of one of my paintings.

I was able to recruit former Miss.Mass, a model from America next top model, Mony Mav, from 94.5 hip hop radio station who is a musician himself & preformed.
It was a sold out event & I was able to write The Lynn Arts a $750 check not to mention they got to keep the bar. They made another $1500 from the bar. Last but not least I made a profit & was able to pay myself. Not only did I make money as an artist, but I was able to utilize my skills as a special event coordinator I had learned in the business world to out my event together.

When the you are one with the universe and you act upon your gifts trust me your life will change. Also you will have so many people supporting you. Mind you all of the people I mentioned donated their time , the building gave me a venue for free, & the people came to support.

So here we are fast forward a year & I am ending 2018 . I am headed to Miami on Decemeber 7th. My event is on the 8th. Am I scared ? No I am never scared about anything I put myself in a position to be in. Do I have any fears? Never I dont believe in fear. I fear no man or anything because what will be will be.

Am I anxious? Yes I am like a little kid turning in their art project for the first time & the teacher is looking at it. I honestly can’t wait to share this moment with all of you & most of all the universe. Your energy is contagious people remember that!

Now I won’t lie , heading to Miami between flights , hotels, food , baggage , & shipping my art, it was very expensive. I am grateful I am in a position now to do this. Maybe when I was younger struggling & the opportunity was giving to me back in my 20s I would of missed my great opportunity. Cause everything has its right time and place.

I’m a mother now of a 18 soon to be 19 year old daughter who is a Freshman in college. She is a young adult & I am still a young mom. Don’t ever rush the process either. That’s the beauty about life, is that their is levels & a process to it all. We all have these deadlines that society has brainwashes us with that we feel inna rush or pressure to meet. You don’t need to graduate from college , get married , find a house, have kids , work everyday & raise your children, retire & die. I mean that might be the definition to many American dreams, but there is no dead line on your greatness! Remember that.

Well I have to go now, get ready to work out , pack my stuff & mentally prepare for my first Gallery showing & Fashion showing for Art Basel 2018.

Have a powerful week everyone.

Love, VIA™

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